HONDA MSX 125 GROM – Ultimate fun with the motorcycle superstar


So what is with all the fuss around the undersized motorcycle and how could it become the favourite toy for more than 300.000 riders in the past five years? Follow my story and learn everything about the Honda MSX 125 Grom: Specs Handling Design Reliability, maintenance and insurance costss Does it make a good beginner […]

Honda Hornet – Ultimate why (not) to buy it Blog


Honda Hornet 600 Perhaps the Honda Hornet 600 is the most well-known incarnation of these four inline Honda best seller. This bike has been around the world since its introduction in the late nineties. There is no exact number as of how many units Honda sold of this model worldwide, but the estimate is millions. […]

Honda Fury: A mass-produced chopper or a stylish cruiser?

Honda Fury 2019

Honda Fury Arguably, the Honda Fury is the most radical bike ever manufactured by the Japanese company. The Honda Fury 2019 is the update of the classic released in 2010 to a world in complete awe. If you go to the site built by Honda, the motto is “get furious”, and it is true, this […]