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Kawasaki new KLR650 teaser

Kawasaki New KLR650 Teaser

The Middleweight adventure bike segment

Before Kawasaki new KLR650 teaser, back in 2018, when Kawasaki decided to discontinue this legendary motorcycle, they left a big hole in a segment that was just starting. Indeed, the middleweight adventure bikes offered by other companies in times of the KLR650 were not so many or so varied.

A couple of years later, the landscape is very different; most companies now offer a middle-size adventure bike. Even Italian brands like Aprilia offer state of the art rides in this category.

What do we talk about when we talk about a middleweight adventure motorcycle? Let´s check some of the common characteristics.

Credits – Kawasaki

It can take off and on-road adventures

A good middleweight adventure bike in modern times can take off-road adventures and can also take you there riding on the highway. Of course, we can now talk about riding modes, electronically-adjustable suspension, and such, but the concept remains the same.

Somewhere between 500 and 850cc

The middleweight category needs to pull off a great deal of power, torque, and speed utilizing limited resources. Bikes in this category going above 400 pounds or boasting less than 100HP are going to be left behind by the competition. Kawasaki should be able to walk the thin red line and deliver a hard-to-beat contestant.

Take a lot of abuse

Finally, this category is for experienced riders who are not completely into off-road but love pushing their bikes as hard as possible. In other words, they need to be able to respond in extreme situations and also deliver comfort and good riddance on the highway.

These characteristics make the middleweight adventure bike segment a very difficult one to compete on. That being said, it is important to note that the KLR650 kind of invented decades ago. It was the competition that made it a tough niche, but its origins can be traced back to Kawasaki itself.

If you want to know why this bike is a legend, check this video of a fan trying to kill an immortal machine.


The Kawasaki new KLR650 teaser opened up the imagination of millions of fans around the world. Very little is known yet about it, but it will very likely become an instant classic once again.

While you wait, make sure to try out the above accessories, they make riding a better experience.

Happy riding!

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