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Motorcycle safety

Motorcycle Safety – How to Prevent Motorcycle Theft?

Motorcycle Safety – How to Prevent Motorcycle Theft?

Motorcycle safety is a touchy subject for most of us. We try so hard to find the bike that we dream of that just the idea of it being stolen makes us sad in a nano-second. In the light of this imperious need for an increased level of safety for our two-wheelers, some riders raised their voices. Correspondingly, some companies echoed on these cries for help and created the needed devices for us. We are not only going to talk about these devices, but we are also going to take on the subject full-on. Read on and learn how to keep your precious bike away from danger.

Motorcycle safety – what are the real numbers?

We are going through some motorcycle theft statistics we rapidly find that the numbers are astronomic. This statistic, coupled with some real facts makes the situation anywhere in the world, something that we need to address. With this intention, we are going to review some of the numbers that the NCIC gathered in the past few years. To translate this to the country you live in, you can just extrapolate numbers in percentage. Motorcycle theft is a worldwide phenomenon, therefore motorcycle safety is essential. 

Between the years 2017 and 2018, there were 44,268 motorcycle thefts in the US only

This number is the result of adding up all the single episodes happening nation-wide. Dividing motorcycle theft by state, we have the highest number in California, which makes a lot of sense if we think that the Sunny State is a great one to ride due to weather conditions. Provided that motorcycles are more of a warm-weather vehicle, we also find the highest number of thefts in the warmest months of the year. July and August are the thieves’ favourite months to go out fetching for bikes with weak security measurements. Although this is the case for the entire country, the highest increase of motorcycle thefts in the year 2017 was in Alaska (37%). On the other hand, North Dakota had the most significant drop in terms of percentage in the same period (35%).

According to the same report, among the manufacturers that got the most bikes stolen is Honda. This is no surprise since it is also the brand that sells the most worldwide (21,000,000 every year). Consequently, it is also the manufacturer with the highest percentage of motorcycle recovery. The following brand is Triumph with an astonishing 67%. The overall number of recovered bikes in the entire country drops way lower than that at 42%. As can be seen, by these numbers, motorcycle safety is far from being a minor issue.

Motorcycle safety – what can we do about it?

Is there something that motorcycle owners can do to prevent their precious ride from being stolen? With this intention, can we riders make a difference and stop this wave of insecurity?

Given the current situation regarding motorcycle safety, having an anti-theft device is a definite must.

Let me tell you a story. I had a bike stolen from me once. It was never recovered. Many years went by, and I can still remember the exact feeling of looking for my motorcycle and not finding it. It was a sudden rush of fear to the head; my bike wasn’t where I left it. It is something that still today just ties a knot in my heart and takes my breath away. I was completely devastated, and a million thoughts raced through my head in a second. My world shattered; my two-wheeled beauty was gone – probably forever.

Well, I had all these questions myself when that horrible event happened a couple of years ago. I tried to find the best way to get rid of the feeling that it will happen again with each of my bikes. I´ve worked a lot in growing my collection and took me many years to have what I have. Some of them are not even because of the money, but because they just mean something to me or were extremely hard to find.

Let’s go through some of the things you can do as a motorcycle-owner to avoid this happening to you too.

Why your lock isn’t enough anymore

You just can’t solve 21st-century problems using 20th-century methods. Using a chain and a lock is not enough anymore to prevent thieves from stealing your bike. This method has been used for so many years by so many of us that now every motorcycle thief knows what to do to break or cut them. What you need is a state of the art technology: a motorcycle anti-theft device. To protect your ride from burglars instead of putting your hard-earned money into a new lock and chain, use technology.

How to take care of your bike on the streets

Leaving your bike on the sidewalk to do a quick errand and come out five minutes later is a common scenario. We think to ourselves: it´ll be just five minutes, it will take them more than that just to ignite it. The result of this line of thinking can be disastrous; let’s see what measures you can choose to take care of your bike on the streets.

  • In the first place, you can never leave the touring motorcycle unattended even for a minute without a security measure. What if someone came with a truck and picked up your chained bike and took it away? It is effortless to do it with some bikes. If you install a tracker device, you can follow that truck through motorcycle security anti-theft for motorcycle
  • Second, leaving our bikes on the streets for more extended periods like, for example, your entire gym hour is hazardous. This time away from our possession will give thieves the needed time to cut a chain or break a lock. Even the previous scenario is possible. Having a tracking device will help you track and find your bike even after taken. Also, it is suitable for motorcycle safety to install a regular loud-sounding alarm; they scare robbers like few other things in the world.

The streets are the natural habitat of our bikes but at the same time home for most thieves looking for a golden chance. As a result, you need to be able to protect your bike or have a recovery plan like a motorcycle tracker device. The best approach, in my opinion, is to combine all the measures mentioned above to achieve ultimate motorcycle safety.

Happy riding!

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