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Motorcycle security

Motorcycle Security – The ultimate guide to protect your motorcycle


You woke up on a beautiful sunny morning, and you have put on all of your motorcycle gear. It just so happened that your motorcycle isn’t where you have left it anymore. It got stolen. Suddenly, you think of everything you wanted to do, to improve your motorcycle security. Unfortunately, too late.

I haven’t heard of a rider that hasn’t thought of motorcycle security. It is the most precious possession a rider has. There is no other more devastating feeling than realizing your baby is gone.

So what can you do increase your motorcycle security? How can you prevent it from being stolen? Or at least, how to discourage a thief to make him think twice before he will attempt to take your bike? Motorcycle thefts increased significantly in the past few years, and you should prepare yourself.

#1 Cover your beauty

It may seem silly at first glance, but if you cover your motorcycle, it will not call for attention. Anything that can help to hide the beauty of your bike will increase the chances that bad guys will miss it. Or even pass it unaware of its presence.

If there is another motorcycle near yours, thieves will probably notice the other one sooner if yours is under the unattractive motorcycle cover.

#2 Video surveillance system can make them think twice

If you are parking in a flat building garage, or even worse, in front of it, you might be an easy target for motorcycle thieves.

Why is that you might ask? It is very common, that bad guys observe your behaviour for a longer period. More extended observation can help them to decide when it’s the best time for the theft.

Thieves will observe your habits. When you usually come home and when you go out, and how often do you leave your motorcycle at home etc.

A video surveillance camera or even a mock-up camera will make thieves think twice before they take action. Their life and freedom are at risk, so they will instead choose a »safer option«.

Remember, anyone will rather steal a motorcycle that is less protected. Make sure you have a bit more motorcycle security than the rest of the bikes parked near yours.

#3 Mount an anchor inside your grade to increase your motorcycle security

Don’t just assume your motorcycle is secure if you park it in your garage. Thieves come prepared, they most likely know your daily routine and have you all figured out.

The most effective thing you can do to prevent theft is to make it as hard as possible to steal. This is the only thing that might make the bad guys reconsider if it is worth it to steal your bike.

You should chain your bike down to an anchor inside your garage as tight as possible. In this way, they won’t be able to move your motorcycle outside before they brake the chain.

#4 Wherever you leave your bike, take the effort and park it in the hardest accessible spot 

It makes sense, doesn’t it? The more you struggle to hide the bike in a spot that is hard to access, the harder it will be for the bad guys to steal it.

Make them believe it is not worth the risk since they will have a hard time to get it out. I know, you will struggle as well. But better to keep your motorcycle and take the extra few minutes than to take the bus home.

#5 Disc locks will add to the motorcycle security. But they only add the time thieves need to steal your bike

Not only they can break into a disc lock in a matter of minutes if not seconds, but thieves can also remove the whole wheel. Removing the front wheels is much easier than the rear wheel. But don’t doubt their experience, they will get the rear wheel off as well.

Some cheaper motorcycle disc locks have very basic locks that can be breached with common simple tools.

#6 Motorcycle security chain brings no guarantee

The worst thing you can do is to secure your motorcycle by chaining the front wheel. Same as with disc locks, if you remove the front wheel the motorcycle security chain won’t help at all.

Another bad practice is to leave the motorcycle security chain too loose. Always chain your motorcycle as tight as possible and don’t leave the lock on the floor.

Usually, a few hits with a sledgehammer damages the lock enough it could break easily. If you have it tight enough, it will be impossible to hit it with a hammer without damaging the motorcycle.

Also, if they attack the chain with an angle grinder, it will be harder and longer for them to cut it, if it is tight on the motorcycle.

#7 Alarm systems attract attention, but people rarely react to the sound 

How many times did you heard the sound of an alarm, but didn’t even bother to have a look? Even though the loud noise coming from an alarm system should attract attention, people that aren’t directly in the vicinity, don’t bother to go and check it what is happening.

If you hear it, you will run to check it. But when you are not around, don’t count on too much help. The other reason alarm systems can’t help much is that the thieves come in groups. They often threaten people and approach them violently.

People get scared. Even if someone does call the police, they will probably arrive too late to the crime scene. However, the alarm does add to the motorcycle security. It might convince thieves into choosing another motorcycle that will attract less attention when they go to »work«.

Is there a perfect solution to motorcycle security?

Unfortunately, the answer will disappoint you. There is no perfect solution, and no product can give you 100% results.

If the best-guarded places on planet Earth were breached before, be sure they will find a way to break into your motorcycle security as well. If thieves decide to do so, they will!

But what is important here is that you can improve your motorcycle security. Do everything in your power to increase the time bad guys will need to steal it. Make sure that every other option for theft will be less risky than if they go for your bike.

In the end, it is a gamble for thieves. They risk their freedom and their lives, and they sure will think twice if it is worth the effort.

I hope we have all learned a thing or two about how to increase motorcycle security.

And now, it is time for a ride! Take care and ride safe!

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