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Motorcycle shows

Motorcycle Shows: Its Global Impact on Motorcycle Community

Motorcycle Shows: Its Global Impact on Motorcycle Community

Though I tried educating myself about the specs of the motorcycles, I was not able to connect to reality. It was during my later years when I came to know about the International motorcycle shows. I firmly believe my personal experiences in attending the motorcycle shows would help you see the impact the motorcycle shows can have on our choice of bikes.

Being a passionate bike rider, I always enjoyed experimenting with Motorcycles. Right from my younger days, I loved travelling to far places through motorcycles. Motorcycles have always been my passion ever since my Dad got the vintage version of Yamaha. In my initial days, I was not much aware of the specifications and the various types of Motorcycles. Though I tried educating myself about the specs of the motorcycles, I was not able to connect to reality. It was during my later years when I came to know about the International motorcycle shows.


I was thrilled when I got the opportunity to attend the EICMA 2017 event which happens to be my first motorcycle show this season. With a group of five friends, we happen to be in Italy during the time of the EICMA event. Today, I feel elated that I was able to make to the event. It was in this show that I realised that there is something more than what we know about motorbikes. I strongly suggest that the bike aficionados should never miss the event since it helps in broader thinking regarding bikes.

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As we entered the glorious event, we were shocked by nearly half a million people attending the event. Despite the huge crowd, the show was excellently organised with a lot of different showcases as well. The event also provides a particular focus to the E-bikes and the eco-friendly solutions for mobility. We were able to witness the new arrivals, products, services, unique types of bikes, vintage bikes, adventure bikes, concept bikes as well as the scooters. The agenda of the EICMA show was quite impressive with a series of live shows and the expert talks.

Pressekonferenz BMW, mit Herr Stephan Schaller (Leiter BMW Motorrad), Produkt: R1200, Halle 6.1


It was a fantastic sight to see bikes racing with high competition between the motorbikes of different brands. It was quite entertaining to witness. There was racing, music as well as the entertainment quotient. Following this event, RIDEMOOD programme was organised by the EICMA for the public. It is easily the most noticeable innovation of EICMA. This event featured a selection of the motorbike-based events.

They also hosted bikes like BMW, Energica, Quadro, Vemar near the Milanese Department Store for public viewing. Some of the common areas the EICMA 2018 concentrated included the E-bike area. You will find plenty of Mopeds, various models of the motorbikes, sports bikes, tire models and parts, displayed during the event. It was shocking for me to witness so many motorcycles at the same time. It would be a dream come true for passionate bike riders to see the sight of many bikes.

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You’ll gain a lot of knowledge if you indulge in the technical talks with the experts. I came to know about the parts and how the efficiency of the motorbikes gets calculated. Latest innovations in the electric bikes were also kept on display for the public. You will find a special sale for the second hand and used motorbikes. Furthermore, I particularly liked this section as I got precise details regarding the price evaluation of the motorcycles. Visitors also had the option to purchase the garments and accessories of their choice at the Temporary Bikers Shop available at the event. We did some shopping there and walked through the start-up and innovation section where they displayed new and cost-effective motorbikes. The Startup&innovation section was particularly interesting and we decided to present the Smart Turn System and the Smart Brake Module there the following year.


My excitement grew no bounds when I got the chance to test drive the Yamaha YZF-R1 GYTR superbike. It was an amazing experience for me as I was the first few to try the new release. We were patiently waiting for the press release talks of the new latest versions of the bikes. The brand organisers slowly explained the specifications of the various bikes. It was a great learning platform for us. There was a safety area that aimed at conveying the instructions to follow before riding adventure bikes and scooters. Some of the new bikes unveiled during EICMA 2018 included Yamaha YZF-R1 GYTR superbike, 205HP MV Agusta Brutale 1000 Series, Suzuki GSX-R200 Sportbike and much more. Overall it was a great memory and experience for me to witness all range of bikes at the same place and gain so much more knowledge about bikes.


Having experienced an incredible show at EICMA, my interest in motorcycle grew bounds. After the visit, I sat down and researched more about the new releases and bought a Yamaha superbike. My interest in the motorcycle shows increased in leaps. I started researching more about the upcoming motorcycle shows and their special events list. It was then that I came across the Intermot motorcycle show that happens biennially in Germany. Along with my friends, I decided to visit this show as well. The Intermot 2018 event promised many new brands of motorbikes and events.


Now, I felt like the more experienced person about the motorcycle shows. The thought of the event geared us as we had read so much of the previous fairs. We also shortlisted our questions for the experts and noted down the new modes that were to be unveiled. The biennial trade fair 2018 had a lot of new bike reveals, fresh gear, and the customs. The sounds of roaring engines completely swamped the entire city.

Nearly 20,000 trade visitors, passionate bike readers, and the bike fans visited the 2018 event. People from almost 100 countries thronged the avenue to attend the Intermot show 2018 at Cologne, Germany. There was literally no shortage of customs as they staged AMD World Championship for Custom Bike during the event. This championship race attracted nearly 108 bikes this year thereby creating a record for themselves. So, this racing event was a goosebumps moment for us as we witnessed the stunning speeds of the various events.


There was a packed series of events on the program and the display of plenty of new models of the motorcycles. The biggest accolades were given to the AMD World Championship as they displayed the customised bikes. They also organise a special program for women riders. There was a plethora of unique machinery to witness in the avenue of the Intermot 2018. The sight of types of machinery was fascinating to us.

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The biggest headline or the highlight feature of the Intermot 2018 was the revealing of Indian’s new 2019 FTR 1200 street tracker. You will even get the chance to test drive the new street tracker. The engine, the speed and the easiness of the vehicle were terrific. The revealing of this motorcycle was a show stealer owing to its beautiful features. It was the first ever Indian Motorcycle that was featured at a world premiere outside the United States. Furthermore, the additional highlight of the 2018 event was that of the Ladies@intermot event programmed in the Intermot 2018. It served to be a platform for the female bikers to know more about bike riding and to know the unique models designed for women.


The Horex VR6 beauty was one of the most interesting new motorcycles. There was an excellent talk on this model of the bike which was quite informative. We had an interactive session with the experts to know more about the working and specialities of this sports bike. Nearly thousands of providers from 40 countries presented many motorbikes. We got our money completely worth as the event was truly mesmerising. We can easily claim this event to be the hub of the motorcycle scene.


Noticing my interest and knowledge in the field of motorcycling, my family decided to surprise me by purchasing the tickets to the very famous AIMExpo show. I decided to make use of this chance to the maximum. American International Motorcycle Expo’s (AimExpo) primary objective is to bring the dealers, the consumers, press, industry in a single platform. The AIMExpo has been a huge trade show for the motorcycling enthusiasts happening in North America. Hundreds of brands exhibit their products in the show and establish strong dealership relationship with the consumers.

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It was a prominent grand stage for the motorcycling as well Powersports in the United States. It has an international impact in the motorcycling fraternity. Being North America’s biggest Powersports expo, the AIMExpo 2018 took place at Las Vegas. I was very enthusiastic that I was able to be a part of the event along with my family.

The Mandalay Bay Conventional Center in Las Vegas hosted the event. There were nearly thousands of Powersports, various media, dealers and consumers. I got an opportunity to view the new 2019 manufacturer models of the motorcycles. The show welcomed around 500 exhibitors from different parts of the world on the second week of October. They introduced and exhibited hundreds of new Powersports and new vehicles to the market. The best part of this event was the presence of the Powersports and their extensive range of qualified experts. Biker lifestyle rally was also a part of the mega event. The event also featured live music, the poker runs, and other entertainment quotients.

Manufactures like BRP/Can-Am, Honda, Indian, Kawasaki, Yamaha exhibited their motorcycles models. By this time, I had already gained knowledge on the various upcoming latest versions of the vehicles. There was a showcase of the diverse variety of scooters, snowmobiles, watercraft, ATVs present in North America. One of the highlight models exhibited came from the brand Suzuki. There were individual booths in the event wherein I got a chance to voice out my ideas and plans. AIMExpo organisers did an excellent move that encouraged many passionate bike riders to speak out.


The AIMExpo 2018 event anchored the celebration of the Powersports Industry Week. At the famous AIMExpo Outdoors event, there were a lot of autocycles and motorcycle for the consumers to test drive. The models from Yamaha, Benelli USA, Honda, Indian were available to the consumers for the testing ride purpose. I noted down the specifications of these bikes and voiced out my queries to the dealers.

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There were approximately around 260 media members from 10 unique publication from all over the world. During the event over the days, they also conducted additional events for the public interest. Being my first motorcycle show with my family, it was worth the money and time. It was a pinnacle of my joy moment as there was an exquisite range of bikes for display. This was entirely different from the other two shows because of its unique references to the power sports bikes. I would strongly recommend the bike lover to visit this show, especially the people of the United States.


My experience with the top motorcycle shows of the year 2018 inspired me to share it with everyone else. I also suggest all the bike lovers and the enthusiasts to visit as many motorcycle shows as they could. It would be great if you can research the motorcycle shows before you go, note down your questions and information on the latest version of bikes. The motorcycle shows play a crucial role in the minds of the passionate riders. The presentations serve as a platform for people to know the latest models and products. We, as the visitors of the event also get an opportunity to share their queries with the motorcycle experts. Thus, the motorcycles shows are the must watch for new buyers and passionate bike riders.

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