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Suzuki GSX – The Heart of a Super Sports Bike on the Streets

Suzuki GSX – The Heart of a Super Sports Bike on the Streets

The Suzuki GSX is a best-seller for the brand and one of the most iconic bikes in the market. When it first came out, it revolutionized the way we think about this kind of motorcycles, and it continues to defy people to this day. Read on to learn about the GSX R series as well as two accessories I discovered and that improved my riding safety.

Suzuki GSX R

The Suzuki GSXR is the racing section of the flagship Suzuki GSX line by the Japanese giant. The GSX line is divided into two: GSXR and GSXS. Suzuki catalogued the first as Super Sportbikes and the second as Street Bikes. Both collections show feature bikes in many sizes to accommodate all riders. In particular, the GSXR series starts with a 125cc bike, which is a small engine for a supersport. This move is to bring beginner riders into the supersport world and make them fans so they can grow with the brand. On the other hand, GSXS starts at 250cc. Both lines go up to 1000cc with different incarnations of a similar motorcycle, the Suzuki GSX S1000 and the Suzuki GSX R1000.

The Suzuki GSX R line for 2019 features four models sporting 125, 600, 750 and 1000cc engines. Beyond these models, Suzuki also presented two bigger bikes called Katana and Hayabusa. These motorcycles represent the highest in technology and power that the brand manufactures today. The name that Suzuki gave the Hayabusa is Ultimate Sport, and it features Suzuki´s largest displacement sportbike engine ever built. The Katana is a long-stroke version of Suzuki’s 999cc engine to deliver more power, speed, and torque. The Katana is the racetrack version of the Suzuki GSX R 1000 with fine-tuned specs to excel at high speed.

Let’s take a look at all the incarnations available in the Suzuki GSX R line from 125cc to 1000cc.

Suzuki GSX R125

The first thing you think about the GSX R125 is that it is too light to be a supersport motorcycle, which is most people’s first mistake when judging it. The Suzuki GSX R 125 is a new concept that revolutionises the way we see super sportbikes. The chassis, instrument, and feel of the bike all belong to the supersport category. The weight is incredible because at only 134kg it is capable of some serious power. According to Suzuki, the reason behind this is that the engine’s design and the building are done with high-performance engine standards.

The compact and efficient power plant they designed for this motorcycle is optimised in every way possible. If you could saw-off the Suzuki GSX R 600 four-cylinder engine in four parts, the GSX R 125 is what you would have left. The technology that Suzuki applied to this bike’s manufacture is a new standard for 125cc motorcycles. For example, you can find Suzuki’s SCEM technology inside the cylinder bore. This technology is entirely race-proven, and Suzuki uses it in the most demanding racing bikes.

Finally, the design of the motorcycle is nothing short from outstanding because they used the wind tunnel to do it. Some additions like the key-less ignition, the answer-back function (lights flash with a button to find it) are great additions to the package.

The Suzuki GSX R 125 is the perfect motorcycle for those looking for a bike to commute to work daily and have lots of fun. The fuel consumption makes it a low-priced choice as a medium of transport and the power makes it weekend fun too, which might be the best racing bike with city-friendly features in a complete package.

Suzuki GSX R 600

Suzuki GSX R 600 is perhaps one of the line’s best sellers in the world. The size is perfect for those looking for a mid-weight sports motorcycle. Its four-cylinder engine is known worldwide for being a benchmark of performance and economy. The engine design of the GSX R 600 is capable of some serious power optimising your consumption. Because of this, it is the perfect bike to do commuting with and have some weekend fun with friends. According to Suzuki, the reason behind this achievement was minimising the engine’s internal friction. As a result, the bike has fewer emissions, less consumption, and more power.

The twin-spar aluminium frame is more compact and lighter than any of its predecessors. The shorter wheelbase allows the riders to be in a more race-friendly position achieving better speeds with less effort, which is a good example of how Suzuki thought the GSX R line to be track-friendly and also an every-day bike. With the lower fuel consumption and lower emissions, it is possible to ride it every day without breaking the bank.

This motorcycle is for those who want to have more fun than with the GSX R125 in a bigger package. You will be able to still enjoy the low fuel consumption in a package that is more racing-friendly. The power at hand with the Suzuki GSX R600 is way more, and it feels right from the throttle. This mid-weight motorcycle by Suzuki is a winner you should try.

Suzuki GSX R 750

The differences between the Suzuki GSX R 600 and the Suzuki GSX R 750 are few. From a distance, both motorcycles look similar. It’s hard to determine, which is which; even though the wheelbase on the 750 is 5mm longer. However, this being the case in terms of components and aesthetics, you can feel the difference in power. The extra 150cc are noticeable when you open up the throttle; especially at higher speeds. In the low and mid-range both motorcycles are close in response, but in the higher range, the 750 is more powerful.

Both models share the revolutionary race-developed Showa Big Piston Front-Fork as a factory standard. While it is great for the Suzuki GSX R 600, it is in the Suzuki GSX R 750 that you can make the most of it. The way you can take on the curves and the confidence it gives you in the racetrack is different. If you never get out of the city’s environment, you will never taste the real difference with this suspension system. Especially at the moment of braking and taking sharp curves, you feel like you have more grip.

Suzuki GSX R’s great features

The instrumentation on both Suzuki GSX bikes is identical and comes with some advanced features like the built-in lap timer. It also features a sequential engine RPM indicator system that is completely programmable. Also, as part of the instruments, the Suzuki rider-selectable mapping is a great addition. You can choose between A and B, and each map has a different power and acceleration delivery. For example, you can use Map A (full potential) on the open highway and the racetrack and Map B (controlled power and acceleration) on the city.

Finally, the brakes for both bikes are more than accurate, giving the rider a feeling of comfort and security that is very welcome. The Brembo monoblock callipers and fully-floating front brake discs do their job impeccably. If you are looking for a little more power than the Suzuki GSX R 600, especially in the higher range, this might be your bike. You can still take it to work daily and have even more fun in weekend riding.

Suzuki GSX R 1000

Let´s start with the cold facts because the Suzuki GSX R 1000 is a winner:

Besides these astonishing numbers at the racetrack, the Suzuki GSX R is also a winner in sales. Since the line went out for sale around the world, it sold over a million units in only three decades. In particular, when Suzuki presented the GSX R 1000, it redefined the way we see sports bike. I have always been interested in them and have been riding for more than three decades, and this is true.

Back in the day, a sports bike with a 1000cc engine was only for those who went to the racing track on weekends. Furthermore, retired pilots and few other people had access to these bikes but that changed with the Suzuki GSX R 1000. I started seeing them around more and more and eventually had one myself too. The Suzuki GSX R 1000 was the queen of sportbikes of its era, and this new incarnation is a cleaner, more powerful version of it.

Suzuki GSX R 1000 – the most city-friendly motorbike

However, this new incarnation is smaller, with more handling capabilities, more efficient fuel consumption and smoother throttle response, which adds up to have the most city-friendly embodiment of this sturdy bike to date. If you think about it, it is a normal evolution for a brand that has been manufacturing it for 30+ years. You could remove the plates and tape the lights and own the racetrack with it. The good thing is that with the plates and the lights, you can own the streets and the highways effortlessly.

You could think of the Suzuki GSX R 1000 as a long-distance commuter, fun bike with the heart of a racing superbike. The weight is a little over 200 kilos, and the wheelbase is 1,420mm, making it a small, light-weight motorcycle that is easy to handle. The 4-stroke, 4-cylinder 999cc engine is legendary already for Suzuki and the world and does marvels pushing this machine forward. The brakes, suspension, and tires finish up a fantastic bike by adding the security and comfort you would expect. If you want the feel of a sturdy motorbike in a city-friendly package, you should give this bike a try. 


After having my first Suzuki GSX R 1000, I went for the biggest. What I found was the almighty Suzuki GSX R 1400; a fantastic muscle bike with enough power for an entire family. What I did was stick it for the last ten years and is currently the biggest bike I have. The handling for the size of the engine is impeccable, and the maintenance is very low on it. I used it to travel around the country many times as I wanted to taste the real power in the open highway. Results were utterly impeccable and still are with just a few trips to the mechanic now and then. 

Gadgets that improve riding safety

When testing the Suzuki GSX, I got this bike fitted with some devices, that improved my riding safety.

Suzuki Gixxer

Finally, the Suzuki Gixxer SF and the Suzuki Gixxer 250 are the two naked incarnations of the Suzuki GSX launched to the market. These small bikes live up to the name and the legend of the Suzuki GSX delivering power and speed. They are beginner-friendly motorcycles, and you can find them in any street all around the world.


The Suzuki GSX line is a redefinition for the sportbike concept. With it, you are now able to go on the streets with a motorcycle that has the heart of a sports bike. From the small 150cc to the 1000cc, the spirit and the attention to detail remains the same. If you are looking for a bike that will take you to work, and at the same time to the racetrack, give these bikes a try.

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