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Suzuki Intruder Revolutionising Classic Motorcycles


The world needs more cruisers that dare to take the leap and revolutionise the Classic. The Suzuki Intruder is the boldest line Suzuki has put out yet in this field. The deeper we go into the review, the more you will know why these motorbikes will make history. Read on and find out everything you need to know about the Suzuki Intruder line and why you should try one out.

Suzuki Intruder 150

The Suzuki Intruder 150 is the smallest version available of the Suzuki Intruder. But don´t let this bike´s size and engine fool you, it is a powerful ride. One of the main differences between the Suzuki Intruder line and the rest of the cruisers in the world is technology. Countries like India introduced Suzuki Intruder as the Modern Cruiser. This is an entirely accurate description, the modern features in this bike are very welcome.

While the technology in the inside matches the futuristic look on the outside, performance is taken care of. It happens with many bikes that it only takes one ride to understand the hype. Others, on the contrary, are all about looks and there´s nothing left for real riders. The Suzuki Intruder line is a mix of performance, looks and technology and interests the younger generations.

Suzuki Intruder 150 first impression

Starting with the bike´s most emblematic statement, which is the headlamp, the change into the LED territory is welcome. There is a lot of nostalgia about those 90s yellowish lamps, but the truth is that for dark roads, LEDs can´t be beaten. The digital instrumentation in the front panel looking straight into the rider is well placed.

The ABS brakes on the front tire give it an extra on the specs side. The twin dual exhaust system is the look every bike-lover in the world likes and give it a bigger-bike feel. The lamp in the back is also LED, which is useful, especially at night.

This bike finishes the overall look with chrome rear-view mirrors which look very cool and a bucket-style seat for the riders. The fuel tank is massive, and the logo on the side gives it a premium-bike look that feels great.

On the downside, the body of the bike is a little too much for its power. Once you start it and roll it over the street, you feel like you´re riding a Harley that lost half its power. Also, the tires of choice by Suzuki are adequate to the torque and power, but not to the body. A wider set would have complemented the look a little better. Stability, balance and performance are good but not impressive. It is an entry-level cruiser for beginner riders.

Suzuki Intruder 800

This is the ideal bike for those of us who love the Suzuki Intruder but want a little more. The Suzuki Intruder 150 is a perfectly well-balanced motorbike for beginners. The Suzuki Intruder 800 is a serious one for real riders. The trapezoidal headlight is maintained, and the overall look makes the bike stand out from the rest.

Also, the chrome dual exhaust system is a classy take on a modern bike. The V-twin engine at 45° sporting 805 ccs is an excellent upgrade complementing the looks. It gives you that feeling of jumping on a cruiser like the ones manufactured in the old days.

The electric starter coupled with the precise electronic fuel injection makes this bike a modern machine. The throttle in it is one of the most responsive in the market, thanks to this upgrade. When you roll it on the street and flick your wrist at a traffic light, the bike acceleration is an adrenaline boost. The engine has a 5-speed gearbox that offers a visual indicator on top of the gas tank is seamless.

Suzuki Intruder 800 first ride

The constant mesh technology applied to the transmission makes the ride softer and give the bike a more relaxed feel. Although it is a mid-size bike, it does great when hitting the big road. Overpassing in highways is comfortable and the 4-stroke, 2-cylinder liquid-cooled V-twin feels more powerful than it is.

On the downside, more experienced riders will find that the body of the Suzuki Intruder 800 lacks some balance. The overall feel of the lower seat (a new feature) is that you are sinking into the bike.

According to Suzuki, it gives you a lower gravitation centre and hence, more stability. Truth be told, when you put your body weight to a side to make a turn, you feel it a little loose. Other than that, it is a great mid-size bike for urban commuting and open roads.

Suzuki Intruder 1500

Also referred to as the poor man´s Harley, the 1500 cc version of the Suzuki Intruder is a great bang for the buck. This Japanese cruiser is one of the best in its category. It is a very comfortable ride for the open road. It is not what you call an arm-ripping torque.

Especially when running slower, this big bike has some sluggish start. Once you get past the 40 mph, the big four-stroke, twin-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 54° V-Twin shows its capabilities. There is no ceiling to the twist of the wrist once you hit the road and 80 mph seems effortless.

It is a big motorbike weighing more than 360 kg. It keeps the rider in a very comfortable position 72 cm above the street. The arms travel in a perfect position, and the 212 miles of tank range can be done without much effort. The average fuel consumption is excellent, making it an affordable ride in all senses.

Suzuki Intruder 1500 riding impressions

When you take the Suzuki Intruder out for a ride, you experience the match of the old and new school. Suzuki knows perfectly well how to mix the 21st-century technology to a classic-looking bike. Having the big gas tank in front of you and feeling the wind in your face is a feeling that most riders can´t compare to anything else.

The state-of-the-art control panel lets you know about every essential information with an old velocity meter in the middle. The big torque coupled with the seamless shifting of the transmission makes the ride a smooth one. This bike does not roar as others in the market. The quiet double exhaust is perfect if you are not looking for a loud motorcycle. Although some people (like me) miss the low end of a bike this size, neighbours and pedestrians welcome it.

On the downside, the Suzuki Intruder has a big weight but not a matching set of brakes. In this model, the ABS is an option for which you have to pay a little extra.

When you activate both brakes, the control over the more than 350 kg seems quite real. When you engage only the front non-ABS brake, the bike seems downhill all the time. Other than the brakes, I can´t think of a better bike for that money.

Suzuki Intruder 1800

With this size of a bike, you can cross the city, the country or the entire continent. The looks are breath-taking, but the true wonder of the Suzuki Intruder 1800 is the performance. While it is a very big bike that it is not at all intended for beginners, manoeuvrability while riding is effortless. The headlight lamp is typical for the model, and it is available in several colours.

My favourite outfit for it is blue on matte black. Its rear wheel is a massive 240 that enhances that big-bike look. The combination with the 130 front is killer, and both are tubeless. The seat for the bike is located at 70 cm from the asphalt which gives the rider a very comfortable and relaxed position that is more than suitable for long trips.

Too quiet for 1800 ccs

The 1783 cc engine is a V-Twin at 54°. The four-stroke, twin-cylinder liquid-cooled beast is not as loud as one would expect. The exhaust system, much like the 1500 cc Suzuki Intruder version is very quiet. Did we miss the low growl? Well, that´s only for fanatics of the low speed and the high torque. With a bike that looks like the Suzuki Intruder, you don´t need any extra noise to call for attention.

The fuel injection is entirely impeccable, and the ratio makes the 19.5 litres tank enough for long hours of uninterrupted fun. The speed and the horsepower divide the intermediate from the expert. The Suzuki Intruder 1800 can reach up to 135 mph and 7,500 rpm.

On the downside, the massive body makes it very heavy and challenging for corners and parking. Whenever you reach a red light and have to wait for it with your feet on the ground, you face a challenge. Suspension, in this sense, is not very useful, since it is pretty rigid.

The overall feel and design of the bike is for the open road and is not very suitable for the streets. If you want a bike for commuting, you can choose another version of the Suzuki Intruder. Its design is a complete blast.

Suzuki Intruder Price

The Suzuki Intruder line is not at all a pricey one if we take into consideration the quality of bikes we are talking about. Suzuki will never have the prestige of a Ducati, a Harley Davidson or a Triumph. What Suzuki Intruder buyers know and appreciate about Japanese Cruisers is the price tag versus specs. What Suzuki did with the intruder line was quite opposite to the Suzuki Burgman line, which is a high-end super scooter with premium technology and premium price tag as well.

The Suzuki Intruder Specification sheet is complete for the price range. Additions like the electronic start and injection, the 5-shift gearbox, and the ABS in some models is difficult to find in those values. There are specific specs to each model of the series, but most share the technology.

This is another great asset to bear in mind when buying, Suzuki Intruder is a line that´s very much alike regarding features. While it is true that it is not the same to own a Suzuki Intruder 150 than a Suzuki Intruder 1800, both share some crucial technology specs.

Final Verdict

Suzuki Intruder is a line that can follow the path of a rider. You can enter the fantastic world of riding bikes with a small 150 model and have a great experience. The 800 is the perfect size for commuting and travelling. The Suzuki Intruder 1500 is a very different experience, a graduated rider bike.

By the time you reach the Suzuki Intruder 1800, you must already have long miles on that helmet. It is essential to bring classics to the present, and Suzuki added technology which is very well implemented on the Intruder. It is true that Suzuki cut some corners to get to the current price tag, but the performance of the vehicles is still flawless. Also, the reliability of the Suzuki motorcycles is in the top rankings among motorcycle manufacturers.

Now that we told you what we think of this bike, we want to know about you! Did you ride one of these models before? Leave us a comment. We love reading your impressions.

Also, your experiences might help others make buying decisions to help us create the ultimate riders community!

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