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Best motorcycle gear for beginners

The Best Motorcycle Gears For Beginners Is Here

You just bought your first two-wheeler and can´t wait to hit the road with it. The sun shines bright, and the horizon is filled with endless possibilities and adventures. You start your ride, and the roam of the engine makes you smile. This sounds perfect, but do you know what the best motorcycle gear for beginners you need to take with you is? A better riding experience for going fast on your machine to the horizon requires certain items to protect you and your iron horse when riding to uncertainty.

Read on as we list for you all the things that years of riding experience taught us.

There is no fun without a helmet

Let´s start from the beginning and the best motorcycle gear for beginners; a helmet. Regardless if you are jumping on the bike to the grocery store and back, you should never ride without a helmet. Make that a golden rule, and you´ll always be safe. Plus, you should check on your country´s transit regulations because, in most places, it is mandatory to wear one every time you get on the bike.

Furthermore, if you are planning to take your motorcycle for a first long ride, make sure you buy a high-quality one with a good visor that will not hurt your sight. The best motorcycle gear for beginners begins with the best helmet you can afford. Oh, and if you are a beginner, I won´t go with a Bluetooth one to listen to music on. Being distracted while learning how to master your skills is a bad idea.

Always check your clothing

Your clothing is going to be the first protection barrier in case of an accident. Use this checklist to know if you have what you need to be safe on the road.

  • Sleeves – Always wear long sleeves when riding. Leaving any part of your skin exposed to the asphalt in case you fall is a recipe for disaster. You should get a protective jacket that suits the weather in your region. Moreover, get one with armour if you are starting out.
  • Pants – A very common injury in beginner motorcycle riders is a knee injury. This is mostly because they overlook how important pants and guards are when riding. Always make sure you wear long pants when on your motorcycle and, if you can, wear padded, motorcycle-specific pants. You should also add the guards over them to be safer.

What are you wearing on your feet?

Your feet will play a decisive role while you´re riding. Bear in mind that you are on a two-wheel vehicle, and much of the balance is achieved with speed. Thus, in this list of the best motorcycle gear for beginners, we need to include specific footwear. You can buy motorcycle-specific boots, heavy-duty boots, or any other kind that will protect your feet in case you need to. Moreover, never jump on your bike on flip flops or barefoot; make that another golden rule.


The best motorcycle gear for beginners is always the one that will keep you and your ride safe. Taking risks is a great adrenaline booster; taking controlled risks makes sure you can keep the adrenaline flowing for the time to come.

The road is long and beautiful; keep it that way. Follow our advice and never leave home without these pieces of gear

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