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Triumph trident

Triumph Trident – All We Know About It’s Imminent Arrival

The triple engine that the Triumph Trident sports are nothing short of a wonder.  This powerful motorcycle is where the pinnacle of the Triumph heritage and the best of the new technology meet. Right from the start, when you sit on it, feel the curves, and see the road, you know you´re onboard a different bike.

I was lucky enough to put my hands on one and will tell you exactly how it feels to ride a Triumph Trident. Also, in the end, you´ll find information about some accessories you need to try today.

Are you ready? Get those gloves, because this machine is a fast demon.

Triumph Trident, the engine

The first, most important piece of information I have to share about the Triumph Trident is the engine. This triple technology that Triumph uses to outdo the twins and the four-in-line does feel different. Although it is not like the Yamaha MT-7, for example, it does have a silky midrange that feels beautiful.

In the top end of the bike´s speed capabilities, the engine doesn´t lose any of its aggressiveness and is a delight in the lower gears. You can fight through street traffic as well as overtake large vehicles on the road with it. That feeling of pushing the bike even when you are at high speeds is great when you´re covering longer distances on the pavement.

Finally, the riding modes make the motorcycle a breeze to ride regardless of your riding experience. This engine adapts to your needs like few others I´ve ridden in my life. Triumph´s triple technology feels amazing in one´s hands. I wouldn´t say it is as powerful as the Street Triple but much more manoeuvrable.

Triumph trident, the test ride

Because I am a very lucky rider, I got the chance to put my hands on one of these models. Let me tell you, not to be a spoiler, that it is one fine machine. I can see those in the search for a middle-weight, street naked motorcycle with a little more power for long commutes loving this Triumph.

Indeed, just sitting on it and hitting the electrical starter, you´ll hear a sweet-sounding engine with lots of power and great torque. That was the first thing that impressed me about this motorcycle, just how powerful it is in the lower gears. I swerved through cars and made my way through busy avenues very easily. It was all due to the reduced dimensions and great manoeuvrability.

After some spins around cars, I decided to take it out for real fun on the highway. Let me tell you right away that I wasn´t by any means short of power on that scenario either. It is not all that common to be riding a bike that can handle so well high and low-speed situations. To summarize it, I can say that the manoeuvrability is unchanged regardless of the speed you are going.

The Triumph Trident is a great motorcycle to ride every day and also for some weekend fun on the road. The niche that Triumph wants to conquer with this motorcycle is a tough one, but the Trident is a tough contestant to beat.

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The Triumph Trident is a modern classic, a motorcycle that will very likely go into history as a must-have. Not only because of its revolutionary engine but also because of how easy and smooth it is to ride in all scenarios. Furthermore, the curves, the lines, and the technology (brakes, LED lights, riding modes) make it a beautiful ride you want to jump on every morning.

I can see people talking about the Trident in years to come as one of Triumph´s most popular models. You should check one for yourself if you have the chance.

Happy riding!