Honda Africa Twin is Back to Claim the Throne!


A LITTLE HISTORY ABOUT THE HONDA AFRICA TWIN Let´s kick start this article by saying that we speak of a motorcycle that won Paris Dakar four times. The Honda Africa Twin was arguably the best in its category in the late 80s. HONDA AFRICA TWIN XRV650 XRV650 is the first incarnation of the Honda Africa […]

Harley-Davidson Street Rod – Street Style With A Twist Of Power


Harley-Davidson Street Rod, a little history The introduction of the Street division for Harley-Davidson marked a historical moment. Up to that moment of 2013, the brand stayed fully loyal to their mid-to-large road-oriented bikes. The brand presenting this bike line in the 2013 EICMA show in Milan was very important due to two reasons: It […]

Harley Davidson Pan America – Wildest Bet From American Muscle Giants

Harley Davidson Pan America

Harley Davidson Pan America, the concept The most revolutionary aspect of Pan America is the concept. Harley Davidson is the most iconic of all the American Muscle Bike brands of all time. They have designed and manufactured the quintessential rebel machine for decades. We all dreamt with a Harley at one point or another as […]

Go for the Best Motorcycles for Tall Riders in the Market, Today!

Motorcycles for tall riders

Tall riders and motorcycles Why are we speaking about motorcycles for tall riders? Tall people find it hard to do several things that short people don´t. For example, if you ever travelled on an aeroplane and you are 1.96mts tall as I am, you know how it feels. Especially if you are travelling for business! […]

Dedicated motorcycle GPS vs. Smartphone navigation

beautiful road

Well, it is not necessarily that riders use a designated motorcycle GPS unit for navigating. A lot of them use their Smartphones for navigation. With a proper handlebar mount, you can quickly secure your Smartphone in place and use it as a motorcycle GPS navigation unit. But as it is with many things in life, […]

Custom motorcycles – Incredible design and upgrades

Custom motorcycle featured 1

Building a custom motorcycle doesn’t only mean upgrading its performance and changing visual appearance. To point out it’s also about adding to its functionality for whatever part it is missing from the factory. If you’re new to the hobby, you should probably start slowly. In the end, practice makes perfect, and you should upgrade your […]

Cruiser motorcycles – the Ultimate choice for real bikers


Cruiser Motorcycles stand our  Why are they so popular? Cruiser motorcycles have a unique look, a recognisable upright riding position with feet facing forward, usually big engine displacement with a lot of torque in low RPM and not necessarily a lot of horsepowers. The style was born from the early American built motorcycles from the […]

Cruiser Motorcycles – The Ultimate guide to the best Cruiser Motorcycles

Best cruiser motorcycles

Best Cruiser Motorcycles We put together a list of the best cruiser motorcycles for beginners but also experienced riders. You will find a bike on this list for every moment of your journey to this fantastic world. One word of advice is not to go too big when you are not ready for it yet. […]

BMW R1200GS – Is it The Best Motorbike Ever Built?


BMW R1200GS Review At the moment of its release in the market, the BMW R1200GS made a sales record almost immediately. We are talking about a legendary motorcycle today, but its fame got more significant and more prominent at the time. Let me take you back a little bit in time to when it all […]

Best Ways To Protect Your Motorcycle From Theft

Protect your motorcycle from theft

Protect Your Motorcycle From Theft – The Current Scenario In 2019, the reported number of thefts only in the United States was of 41,000 two-wheel vehicles. This is, by no means, a small number. Although technology has come a long way to protect our rides, so have the methods to break our strategies. In this […]