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Protect your motorcycle from theft

Best Ways To Protect Your Motorcycle From Theft

Protect Your Motorcycle From Theft – The Current Scenario

In 2019, the reported number of thefts only in the United States was of 41,000 two-wheel vehicles. This is, by no means, a small number. Although technology has come a long way to protect our rides, so have the methods to break our strategies. In this article, we are not going to cover the safety measures you should have at home, but the safety measures you should employ when going out and thereby employing the same to protect your motorcycle from theft.

The Old-School Way

Motorcycle safety is not a 21st-century issue; thus, there are plenty of non-millennial solutions still around to protect your motorcycle from theft. We are going to cover them first before going for the new, exciting methods that technology offers today.

Chain And Lock

This is, perhaps, the oldest way to secure your motorcycle. Indeed, it has been the method of choice for riders for decades. On the good side, you can buy a good chain and lock combination mostly anywhere. Furthermore, there are as many models available as you can possibly imagine. On the other hand, there are many ways to go around your investment and take your bike.

These are our pro tips to make the most out of this method:

  • Use the back tire – If you buy the strongest, most expensive chain and lock combination and put it on your front wheel only, you might be wasting your money. This is because thieves can use something as simple as a skateboard to carry our bikes away. Thus, always use the back tire.
  • Tie it up to something – If you happen to park it where street furniture is available, tie your bike to the furniture. This will leave the thieves with the only choice of destroying your lock and chain.
  • Spend some money – This is a golden rule: your bike´s worth is at stake. Always buy the best lock and chain combo you can afford. Making it harder for thieves might save your bike.

Disk Lock

Disk locks have some great advantages like portability, ease of use, and price. In this last department, you can always apply the same rule as above: the more you invest, the harder it will be for thieves to break them. Our pro tip for this method is that you use a couple of disk locks and install one on each wheel. Making your motorcycle the hardest to steal from the block is another great strategy to secure it.

Welcome To The 21st Century

Ok, now that we have covered the best two ways to secure your motorcycle in the past century, let´s see what news the future brought us; let´s see how to protect your motorcycle from theft in this millennium.


You might be thinking: “Hey! Alarms are not new!” Well, you´re right, but at the same time, alarms for motorcycles are. Getting a good alarm for your ride, one that is hidden inside, is a great way to protect it. How so? Because, unlike other safety methods, your alarm will not be visible to anyone. In other words, if a thief makes a move on your ride, they will not be aware of the safety measure until it´s too late. They will, very likely, run away, escaping the sound and lights.


By this moment, hopefully, you´ll have a clear idea about how to protect your motorcycle from theft. In my opinion, the best way to do it is to add the Vigo Smart System and an old-school method to be fully covered. More safety measures only mean more protection.

Happy (safe) riding!

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