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Disabled motorcycle

Best Gear For Disabled Motorcycle Riders – Right Here

Disabled motorcycle riders

Let´s first address the main concern of the article: what do we talk about when we talk about disabled motorcycle riders? We mean any person that needs aid to operate the controls of the motorcycle. For example, gearing up and down, braking, or even using the throttle can be impossible under some conditions.

The demand for solutions to make the life of disabled riders better is always on the rise. Many companies are echoing these requests and responding with clever, well-made solutions of all sorts. Stick around as we unveil some of the best creations so far and some other accessories that will make the life of every rider better.

Disabled motorcycle riders gadgets and accessories

These are, in our criteria, some of the best gadgets in the market to help disabled motorcycle riders out there.

Open Belt Clutch

This gadget works for those who are unable to pull the clutch to change gears. What it does is very simple, yet it solves a big problem for disabled motorcycle riders. In the case you have one arm or can´t use the fingers in one hand but can change gears with your feet, this accessory is easy to install and works perfectly.

Even if you are an apprentice and get bored of your motorcycle going off because you´re not quick enough with the clutch, this accessory will work for you too.

Electronic Shifter

This is another easy to install small gadget that can make your riding life much better. Indeed, for most motorcycle models, it is an accessory that can be installed in one day. What it does is allow the rider to change the gears with the thumb by placing a small control plate in the handlebar. Usually sporting a red and a green button, this can be a game-changer for most disabled motorcycle riders.


This great invention is a dual lever system that allows the rider to operate both brakes with one hand. Furthermore, the levers being one above the other makes emergency breaking a very easy endeavour. For those disabled motorcycle riders who can use one hand to control everything, this is a perfect choice.


Technology applied to riding has come a very long way in the last decades. Nowadays, it is easy to find electronically-driven machines on every brand. Thus, it was about time the same technology was deployed to help the disabled motorcycle riders out there.

With the above examples, there is a lot you can do to your bike to ride better and safer. Don´t let anything stop you; get that adrenaline fix on your favourite two-wheeler.