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Triumph Street Twin 11 FEATURED

The Triumph Street Twin – Achieve Perfect Maneuverability & Monstrous Speed

The Triumph Street Twin – Achieve Perfect Manoeuvrability & Monstrous Speed

It has not even been half a decade that Triumph put out their prize model, the Triumph Street Twin. It has already become the buzz of the biker community. While the Triumph Street Twin 2018 was a beast in itself, the latest model seems to have modded the ride quite a bit from its predecessor. The newfound engine produced an astounding 65 HP at 7500 RPM, quite a feat for its class. And added to this is the 59ft (ca. 18 m)/lbs torque which ensures absolute control over the bike at all times.

What sets the Triumph Street Twin apart is its ability to serve as the best of both worlds. This is neither a top-rated sports bike nor a go-to highway ride. However, it can serve both purposes seamlessly and effectively. The new body structure ensures a much better of control and manoeuvrability, and the engine power ensures that it fits the needs of a highway ride. The bike also features a fantastic fuel economy and ensures that the user never feels they have made a bad buy!

So, once the new model was out, we knew that we had to take it out for a good long spin, and we did. What we found out was that the Triumph Street Twin does have the little advantages that make it a rider’s paradise. In this article, we find out what form of added benefits the latest Triumph Street Twin brings to the table. The various attributes of the ride, and different other nuances that place it in top bikes of the year category. We also detail out its entire specs range and the various custom mods that the house of Triumph has presented along with the new model. So, now that we have the overview let’s hit those engines!

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A bit about Triumph

While this review promises a detailed understanding of the Triumph Street Twin, it is impossible to do so without talking about its creator. Triumph is a British bike manufacturer, and they have been known to produce very few models unlike most other manufacturers of high-end motorcycles. This is precisely what sets them apart since instead of trying to achieve customer satisfaction through significant upgrades and new models, they try to achieve perfection in their creation.

One such creation is the Triumph Street Twin. The only difference in this model is that it has been a primary server for the younger generations. This is a substantial shift from Triumph’s usual market, which are older people who love sturdy and hefty bikes. The Triumph Street Twin is a more streamlined model that guzzles out speed, something that the fast living millennial generation is readily accepting.

Triumph Street Twin Review

In an overview, this is your typical muscle bike mixed with some racer DNA elements that serve both highway and speed needs. But what sets the Triumph Street Twin apart is the fact that engineers at Triumph have taken out any extra parts that the bike had. This means a cleaner look, a more compact engine, and a much larger horsepower capacity. And if to the layman that does not sound like a significant factor let’s say that it means the Triumph Street Twin can hit 0-100 km in about 5-6 seconds. Know many highway bikes that can do that? Us neither!

The engine has been given quite the thrust capacity such that shifting your gears down is hardly ever a necessity on this ride. With the amount of horsepower it pumps out quick manoeuvring becomes expressively easier and the lean body adds to that advantage. And what we are talking about is the performance that a typical biker would want out of their ride. If you are going to push the Triumph Street Twin into crazy rides, the performance only gets better.

But that does not mean that the bike does not come with its hassles. For example, you need to allow quite a bit of torque to the rear wheel before even attempting a wheelie. But once you have the front wheel up in the air, maintaining it seems like the most straightforward task there is. This proves that the body modifications from the engineers at Triumph are not meant merely to give the bike a cleaner look, but also help enhance the quality of the ride.

What stands out on the Triumph Street Twin

Let’s move on to a few standouts among the Triumph Street Twin specifications. The first one that grabs the attention is the 41mm suspensions on both the wheels. The reason for this is the fact that the Triumph Street Twin is not meant to hit off roads. You can ride it in the city or on the highway, and it will give you fantastic performance. One look at the bike from any professional and they would advise against taking it off the road and into rougher terrains. But this is where they are wrong! The Triumph Street Twin can take care of itself on almost all grounds, smooth of rough.

triumph street twin

See a rocky trail leading off the highway that you want to venture into? Hit it without a worry, and the cartridge type suspensions will ensure that the bike doesn’t lose its balance. The balance factor is immaculate with this bike. Even the sharpest of corners seem the easiest and overtaking feels like an everyday affair.

Attention to braking performance

Braking is another factor that Triumph has paid a lot of attention to while creating this new model. The Triumph Street Twin 2018 model had faced some criticism about its faulty brakes. But, this new model ensures that no such complaints would ever resurface with the four-piston calliper braking mechanism. No matter the speed you are in, you can choose to grind the wheels to a halt at any moment, and the bike will still not throw you off. Another surprising factor in this bike is the lack of a 6th gear. What it presents instead are various modes such as the ‘road mode’, ‘rain mode’, etc. that can be accessed via a button on the left handlebar. These are helpful to any rider, and there is quite a bit of practical thinking involved in setting up these modes.

But as we mentioned before this is a bike meant for the millennial generation. Which means superior manoeuvrability, added riding advantages, and a great engine, are still not going to cut it. What young people want out of their ride is practicality, and in this aspect, the Triumph Street Twin delivers as well. The new model gives you a solid 20 kmpl in the city and 22.5 kmpl on the highway. And regardless of this, the Triumph Street Twin top speed is still a searing 180 km/h. The price has also been decreased by a minor percentage from the previous Triumph Street Twin models. This is perhaps the best combination of fuel economy and speed that one can find.

What’s not good?

With all its features and promises, the Triumph Street Twin still holds out to be a short ride bike. By short ride, we do not mean an hours’ journey, of course. Are you going to ride the entire night on this motorcycle? Well, the chances of the engine heating up are quite high. Although by no means will the engine ever shut down on itself, the heat becomes unbearable at times. Especially since it ejects the temperature exactly where the left ankle resides on the bike. This makes the Triumph Street Twin more of a fancy ride than a go-to motorcycle in high-temperature climates. But if you are looking for a long ride along the mountains, this should not be a problem at all.

But to be honest, if you are aware of the form of motorcycles that Triumph produces this bit of information should not come as a shocker to you. The reason they provide fewer models than other brands is that their bikes hold a particular novelty factor. And with the Triumph Street Twin, this novelty factor is met with world-class manoeuvrability and excellent engine performance.

Triumph Street Twin custom models

The list of Triumph Street twin accessories, both from Triumph and otherwise, is vast. And thus, the number of custom models on the roads are also plenty. You can opt for the ‘Urban Ride’ custom model if you primarily a city rider. This custom Triumph Street Twin comes armed with a quilted bench seat which ensures better comfort, LED indicators, sump plate kit, machined black oil filler cap, and various other gadgets. The bike also gets a black and brown makeover that gives it a more sombre look and feel.

Then you have the ‘Cafe Custom’ kit which features a Fox rear suspension unit. If you drive this bike on uneven roads, then this suspension kit will be your new best friend! Not only will potholes and stony roads feel smoother than ever, but the rear fender removal kit will also help in the journey. Other features of this custom mod include black intake covers, LED indicators, and a machined black oil filler cap.

Triumph Street Twin Specs overview

  • Engine – Parallel-twin with a 270-degree crank
  • Maximum Power – 65 HP at 7500 RPM
  • Max Torque – 59 ft/lbs at 3800 RPM
  • Fuel – Multipoint sequential EFI
  • Final drive – O-ring chain
  • Clutch – Wet, multi-plate assist clutch
  • Gears – 5-speed
  • Seat Height – 29.9 inches
  • Dry Weight – 437 pounds
  • Tank Capacity – 3.2 gallons
  • Wheelbase – Cast aluminium alloy
  • Front Tire – Pirelli Phantom Sporstscomp
  • Rear Tire – Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp
  • Rear Suspension – Twin spring-preload adjustable KYB shocks; 4.7 inches of travel
  • Front Suspension – Non-adjustable 41mm KYB fork; 4.7 inches of travel
  • Brakes Front – 310mm floating disc w/ Brembo 4-piston floating calliper
  • Brakes Rear – 255mm disc w/ Nissin 2-piston floating calliper

Final Verdict

The Triumph Street Twin is a beast in the city, and there should be no doubts about that. If you hit concrete roads with this motorbike, you will own every inch of the ride. Triumph engineers have outdone themselves in terms of producing a machine that performs high-level manoeuvrability functions with ease. And the speed control that you get on this bike is also immaculate. It is safe to say that the Triumph Street Twin is an absolute win for any casual rider who is looking to enter the world of thrill.

But this may not be the best highway bike to have come out this year. The fact that longer rides can get uncomfortable on the Triumph Street Twin puts it at a disadvantageous position against bikes that are strictly for the highway. But one must keep in mind that in this bike you get the best of both worlds! And if you are a city rider who seldom hits the highway but not absolutely shies away from it either, you will find the Triumph Street Twin to be your absolute best buddy.

One added advantage that the Triumph Street Twin provides is its innumerable customisation opportunity. While this does raise the price of the bike, it can effectively take away some of the significant problems. But if you are a casual rider and need a bike that suits your relaxed personality both in the city and on the highway, choosing the Triumph Street Twin will ensure that you never look back.

Happy Riding!

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