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Triumph Speed Triple

Triumph Speed Triple – Triple The Speed, Power and Thrill

Triumph Speed Triple: Triple The Speed, Triple The Power, Triple The Thrill

The Triumph Speed series is a household name to racing bike riders who like to rev their machines. And the Triumph Speed Triple is one of the best bikes in this series. Last year the British bike company refurbished its long-running Triumph Speed Triple. It’s arguably the best performing naked sports bike in the current market. It has two variants, the Triumph Speed Triple S and the Triumph Speed Triple RS. Each of them has its unique features and design.

Are you wondering about the performance of the Triumph Speed Triple? You have come to the right place. In this blog post, we will break down each aspect of this speed machine in detail and provide you with an acute understanding of the performance of this bike. We will also discuss two gadgets, the Smart Turn System and the Smart Brake Module, which improved safety while riding.

The Triumph Speed Triple has received a vast array of upgrades in the latest models. It is fair to say that these are some of the best sportbikes that one can aim for in its range. With the 1050 cc engine and heightened braking systems, this can be a blind buy for any speed bike lover. However, we are going to delve into the details of its style, engine models, drivetrain, and overall performance to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the bike.

Before we get into the 2019 Triumph Speed Triple review, here is a quick recap of the global motorcycle giant Triumph, and one of its most famous models, the Speed Triple.

A short history of Triumph

Based in England, Triumph released its first Speed Triple model in 1994. It was meant to be the first stripped-down ‘naked’ racer bike. And its absolutely high-performance value immediately made it the best-selling bike from the house of Triumph. To point out, the ‘naked’ trend was a result of motorbike experts who would refurbish old sports bikes with a standard handlebar and remove all the fairing. Triumph was the first brand to capitalize on this trend by releasing a professional sports bike that took on the ‘naked’ look. To point out, it didn’t cut short on its performance.

The Triumph Speed Triple series has received multiple upgrades over time. If we fast forward to 2019, we have two models – the Triumph Speed Triple S and the Triumph Speed Triple RS.

Triumph Speed Triple Specs

  • Displacement: 1050cc
  • Cylinders: 3
  • Max power: 133 bhp
  • Bore: 79mm
  • Stroke: 71mm
  • Cylinder valves: 4 per cylinder
  • Fuel delivery: SAI Fuel injection
  • Ignition type: Digital CDI
  • Cooling system: liquid-cooled
  • Transmission: Chain drive
  • Clutch: Multi-plate, wet
  • Front brake specs: Disc brake, 320 mm
  • Rear brake specs: Disc brake, 255mm
  • Wheel size: 17 inch
  • Wheel: Alloy
  • Suspension (front): 43 mm
  • Suspension (rear): Monoshock
  • Fuel tank capacity: 17.5 liters
  • Mileage: 17 kmpl
  • Colors: Crystal white, Diablo red, Phantom black

Triumph Speed Triple Design Review

The first and most notable design upgrade in the Speed Triple is its ten-spoke gloss black aluminium wheels. These perform up to a highly professional capability and also provide amazing texture to the ride. This makes it easily stand out from any crowd. The RS model sports a certain red stripe above the rim which adds to the aesthetic of the bike quite well. To continue, there are the aluminium heat shields fitted on the dual muffler exhaust. The entire look is quite modern and works absolutely fine for both the models.

Moreover, you will find all the instrumentation on the bike neatly in a five inches TFT display. It also comes with backlit switches that make the usage of it absolutely hassle-free in the dark. This area is protected by a small fly screen which gives way to the two large DRL loaded headlights. The only other object in the control area is a pair of two bar-end mirrors. Overall the placement of the different elements fit the ‘naked’ design perfectly.

While this bike strips itself down to bare necessities, not for a moment does it overlook the comfort of the rider? The placement of the 4.1-gallon tank is such that a pocket forms to snugly host your knees. So, if you are going for the sharp bends or relying on slipstream you can expect absolute ease. In contrast, there is a pillion seat which is of little to no use. It is, of course, foldable giving you the complete race bike look. Finally, the design ends with rear blinkers situated close to the mudguard on the subframe mount. If you are going into full race mode with the Triumph Speed Triple, the design will ensure that you will look a part of the bike.

Triumph Speed Triple Chassis Review

To point out, one of the best aspects of the Speed Triple chassis is its aluminium and lightweight alloy-based frame. It provides a dry weight of 423 pounds thereby facilitating a high amount of handling capacity. The steering headset at 22.9 degrees compliments the bike well. So no matter the sharp angle you want this machine to take, it will always perform up to mark.

To point out, we also spoke about the design factor of the 17-inch aluminium wheels. Their performance capability does not fall short either. The forks have an optimum 43mm that places the contact patch centres at 56.89 inches and provides 4.72 inches of front axle travel. The rear axle travel is at 5.12 inches with a Showa rear end for the Triumph Speed S model and Ohlins rear for the RS model. Moreover, you can calibrate these modules to your preferred adjustments that give you the best grip.

To conclude, the brakes are four-piston Brembo dual callipers in 320 mm discs in the front wheel, adjacent to the Triumph Speed exhaust. So, regardless of the speed, you are at the Triumph Speed Triple and has the power to bring the engine to a grinding halt with the least amount of force. You also have switchable ABS with a 255mm disc on the rear wheel along with a twin plot anchor. To point out, the safety aspect of this bike is maximum.

Triumph Speed Triple Drivetrain Review

The bike enlists itself at a massive 1050 cc. The engine features a triple inline mechanism which also gives the bike its name. It’s a transverse mount engine with 71.4 mm stroke and 79 mm bore. It is no doubt that you will need a large amount of gas to feed this engine. The triple inline engine also features state of the art heat protection mechanism through a water jacket. And although it sports 12 valve heads, the engine noise is kept to a minimum.

However, the new editions of both the Triumph Speed Triple models have 148 horsepower level and 86-pound feet torque. A six-speed transmission system along with the slipper clutch ensures that during your ride you never experience the loss of traction. While the Triumph Speed Triple S features four different riding modes, the RS model features an extra one – the ‘track’ mode. Both models feature user-programmable profiles that are extremely easy to set up.

How does it perform?

The Triumph Speed Triple is an extremely powerful bike regardless of its ‘naked’ look. Its immensely powerful torque ensures smoothness for all surfaces. To point out, one of the primary advantages it has over other sports bikes is the lack of gear errors due to the customizable profile feature. The Triumph Speed Triple RS model comes off as heavier than the S counterpart, but both provide amazing controllability at higher speeds.

However, the bike takes some time getting comfortable too, but once you do so, you can unleash a monster amount of energy. But overall the Triumph Speed Triple RS provides a better racing feel while the S provides a more compact ride.

There can be no comparison to the amount of manoeuvrability the Speed Triple provides. Moreover, the Speed Triple is the right choice if you are the kind of rider who prefers a bike’s strength to match yours. Be it on a racing track, in the city streets, or on the open highway, the Speed Triple stands majestic and triumphant. But the build of this bike is clearly meant for the former model and not for the latter two. However, this does not take anything away from the ride and enhances its purpose further.

Should you consider the Triumph Street Triple?

The Triumph Street Triple is also one of its more famous models from the house of Triumph that many riders prefer. On the one side, it is a much lightweight model. On the other hand, it also packs a solid three-cylinder 675 cc engine. While that may sound a lot less than the Speed Triple’s massive 1050 cc, it is surely not a bike that lacks power. However, if you truly want to feel the best that Triumph has to offer, it is one of the two Street Triple models that you should go for.

Many riders have pointed out to the fact that the Street Triple is a better ride for those who are not so hefty. This is primarily because the Triumph Speed Triple 1050 can require a bit of body weight to manoeuvre around. However, this hardly takes away from the amazing controllability that the ‘naked’ Speed Triple provides.

As compared to the Speed Triple counterpart, the costing of the Street Triple is not very low. That’s why many riders reject the Street Triple. And the latter featuring almost twice its engine capability can often turn out to be more value for money-based buying choice.


Overall, the Triumph Speed Triple S and RS are quite distinct speed machines. In a world where racing bikes are constantly turning heftier, these models can really stand out from the crowd and pose their individuality, while it doesn’t take an inch away from the styling factor. The Speed Triple may not be a bike that one would use for longer rides. These are meant to be highly controlled, powerful, and lightweight vehicles, but that also does not mean that the Speed Triple will not be able to perform longer riding missions.

However, if you want a bike that stays in your control and also allows you the ground to test its energy the Triumph Speed Triple should be your ultimate choice. Its 1050 cc engine and aluminium chrome wheels can provide any rider with dream come true speed levels at absolutely smooth drivetrain strength. The real choice is to opt for either Triumph Speed Triple S and RS models. Since the differences are quite fine and unique, the choice should not be a hard one.

Happy riding!

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