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Adventure Motorcycles – the TOP 8 Ultimate Adventure Bikes

Adventure motorcycles have become the new favourite of riders. The speed they provide is quite good for daily commuting, and these can handle both rough and city terrains. Owing to the nature of its dual capability, it has also been given the title of a dual sports motorcycle. Adventure bikes also come with a lot of upgrades – hard cases, engine guards, etc. , which are among the preferred ones. Are you interested? Submit your motorcycle details in the form below. You will receive a compatibility confirmation and a special offer specifically for your Adventure Bike.

So, here’s a comprehensive list of the TOP 8 ultimate adventure motorcycles.

We think these are the ones at the top of the line. Do you agree?

Japanese “budget” Adventure Motorcycles – the Suzuki V-Strom

The V-Strom 650 XT is one of the best dual sports motorcycles to buy. If you are on a budget but still require an all-round vehicle, this just might be your top choice. You get a strong enough engine which produces 8,800 rpm and gives a steady performance. The Suzuki 6 channel gearbox has always been one of the best among adventure motorcycles. The V-Strom comes equipped with the latest version of it. Handling side of things is also pretty neat when it comes to riding within the city and sudden turns.

If you encounter a sudden off-road segment, the V-Strom 650 can handle it with ease. But this is not the machine that one should push towards a constant rough terrain ride. We tried these out for ourselves, and the bike matches its description without flaw.

Suzuki does present this one as more of touring motorbike than an off-road vehicle, and it exactly matches the description. However, one of the primary reasons the V-Strom has been doing so well is that it is one of the cheapest option one can find in the adventure motorcycle category. And a good one at that too. Neither does it compromise on the power, nor the manoeuvrability. You are thereby making it an excellent choice for a beginner to the game.

Kawasaki high-end Adventure Bikes – the Kawasaki Versys

While the Kawasaki Versys does belong to the higher end of adventure motorcycles, we think it’s the one with the most functionality for its price. The engine itself is one of the best from the sports bike part of the world. You never need to worry about the power that the Kawasaki Versys can release. The digital fuel injection system can ensure that this is done with absolute accuracy.


People usually complain about the height of adventure bikes. However, the Versys 650 provides impeccable handling at both low and high speeds while maintaining the top seating posture to ensure that there is a proper view of the road ahead. The braking system may take a while to get used to due to the suspension. But once you do, there is no dive. And if you want to hit some perennial off roads through the woods, the Kawasaki will perform the task without even the slightest hassle. At the same time, we suggest that you get a tire upgrade before doing so.

Needless to say, that Kawasaki is a brand which has been long trusted since its inception. The Versys model has been running for quite a while, and the latest addition to it is easily one of the best adventure motorcycles. Although it seems to cost more than the usual dual-sports motorcycle, it does come with significant goods for its price. There hasn’t yet been any solid complaint regarding this vehicle for both in the city and off-terrain riding. This seems to be one of the best adventure bikes.

Adventure Motorcycle Celebrity from the Land of the Rising Sun – the Honda Africa Twin

This long-distance machine, the Honda Afrika Twin, is the perfect adventure motorcycle for easy-going riders who like to take long smooth rides down highways and ensure that the bike never falters. The latest model has the ability to customise riding modes. Click on the touch panel and here comes the great riding experience. Being able to decide how much braking power, traction control or if rear wheel locking is necessary can be of a great boon to the riders. Especially for those who want to know every nook and corner of their vehicle’s capability.

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But one should not expect the Honda Africa Twin to perform like a sports bike. Neither it will provide as much power. While the engine is a good 1000cc and can provide up to 7500 rpm, this is a motorbike meant for easy riding. And we suggest not pushing it into high-performance riding modes. That said, installation of urban mode into this dual-sports motorcycle ensures you have a safe ride within the city. But if you hit a solid gravel patch, that’s when you realise how well the Honda Africa Twin can really perform. Its braking and 21-inch wheels will make sure that there is no wobbling at all. The shorter seat height has been well received by riders as well due to both its comfort and ease of manoeuvrability.

Most reliable Adventure Bikes – the Yamaha Super Tenere

If you are looking for an adventure motorcycle which can really pack a punch, the Yamaha Super Tenere is your machine of choice. With its 1199 cc engine, this adventure bike screams power and can also maintain a steady ride through whatever terrain that’s thrown at it. Whether you are cruising through the highway for long hours or riding down a mountain path with heavy gravel. The Super Tenere will ensure that your ride remains comfortable.

Yamaha Super Tenere comes equipped with a twin braking system ABS and UBS. It also features a quite advanced traction control mechanisms which allow for the rider to take complete control of the vehicle at any time. You get the typical 6-speed transmission but what is really special about this motorbike is that a chip controls Yamaha’s patent downdraft throttle. Thus, it makes it one of the sharpest vehicles in the adventure motorcycle category.

The German Adventure Motorcycle – the BMW R1200GS

At the first look, the latest BMW R1200GS can appear to be a hulking machine. Especially when we compare to its competitors in the dual sports motorcycles range. However, I found it to be a rather smooth ride. The stylizing of the bike is quite different from the traditional adventure bike look. But that seems to work to the R1200GS’ advantage. The first time you throttle this bike, you will realise the amount of power that this machine can pump. However, we had some difficulties with the size and manoeuvrability while trying to take a mild stroll with this one.

Do you need your adventure motorcycle to lean on the sports bike side of things? The BMW R1200GS is the best option you have. The massive 1200cc twin-engine can churn out hefty volumes of power and reach 100kmph in less than 4 seconds. Not a lot of adventure bikes can vouch for such good acceleration. The GS also has a certain cult following to it since this model has been there for quite some time now. Almost all riders can vouch for the reliability of its off-road riding capabilities.

The most beautiful Adventure Bikes – the Ducati Multistrada

The Multistrada 1200 S had some negative feedback, so the good folks at Ducati have now come out with a new Multistrada 1260 S. We are entirely in love with the upgraded model and what it has to offer. There are a lot of updated parts which make this bike what it is. Most important are the DVT Testasrtetta engine producing 7,500 rpm, brand new cylinders, crankshafts, and con-rods. And owing to its performance, this is undoubtedly one of the best adventure motorcycle and a fantastic companion for any professional rider.

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The performance of the bike is quite agile with absolute torque control resting with the rider. If you want to throttle up to dangerous levels, the Ducati Multistrada can afford such speeds with ease. Another great feature we found in this motorbike is its updated handling capabilities which makes it a go-to bike for amateur riders as well. There are a lot of safe riding options available. They can provide quite the assistance for any rider who has not yet been trained in the arts of the highway. If you hit some off-terrain areas, the Multistrada will guide you around with ease. The broad seats also allow a good long-distance ride with a pillion.

The ultimate off-road Adventure Motorcycle – the KTM Adventure 990

The KTM Adventure 990 is essentially an off-road motorcycle, and it is one of the most excellent bikes to have for that job. Throw anything at it. Sandy roads, mountain dips, jungle paths, and its 21-inch front will ensure that the bike stays gripped on to the road and does not falter for even a moment. And the off-terrain handling is one of the smoothest ever. The KTM Adventure 990 seems to be directly rivalling the BMW R1200 GS in the best off-road dual-sports motorcycle category.

The engine is a supremely high performing model and provides enough power to keep it steady on long rides. However, one should expect too much power from it, but on a city terrain, this machine can provide enough power to rival any non-professional sports bike. The build is of amazing durability, and this bike can also hold a lot of luggage with it. This makes it a great companion for those who like long solo rides. It also comes at a rather affordable price for its category, and this has made it a favourite of most newcomers to the world of adventure motorcycles.

The “Big brother” – KTM Adventure 1290

This bike has found its place under KTM’s ‘travel’ category. When we tested its travel capacity, it was amazing. Actually, the longer you keep riding this motorcycle, the better you realise how well it serves its purpose. It comes equipped with four modes. It makes it easy for the rider to decide on the riding style instead of having to change the entire pace of riding manually. The traction control paired with the anti-lock brakes makes for some of the smoothest manoeuvres ever. But if you are a professional and are not dependent on pre-set modes, you get to take control of the entire system yourself as well.

The sharp look of the KTM Adventure 1290 resounds its driving style. The engine can produce ample amounts of power. If you want to get in some sporty riding or smooth cruising on the longer rides, it will keep you excited as well. What’s even better is that the KTM Adventure 1290 comes with an upgrade called the ‘travel pack’. It includes features such as hill hold controls, quick-shifting option, and motor slip regulation. It makes this bike the penultimate long riding vehicle.

What is your favourite?

These are the top 8 adventure motorcycles we could think of. Among the current models available, these can be called TOP of the class. If you pick up any of them, there shouldn’t be much of a complaint. Adventure bikes require quite a bit of care so don’t let it sit idle and untreated.

Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments and make every ride an adventure!

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